Going Beyond The Ordinary

Tandhan Cotton Mills is where tradition sparks innovation. Originating from Kolkata's rich textile tapestry, we've blossomed into a top-tier B2B denim raw material supplier. We seamlessly fuse time-honoured craftsmanship with forward-thinking industry trends, upholding a standard of quality that's second to none. Our trusted reputation, underscored by unwavering consistency and reliability, reverberates throughout the global denim community. We cater to a spectrum of industry influencers, from material procurement to designers and manufacturers. If you value superior quality denim and wish to be part of a vibrant, progressive textile journey, Tandhan Cotton Mills is your ideal partner. Together, we can shape the future of denim.
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Milestones that we proudly accomplished & lead us forward.

18 Million

Units of Garments per year

1 Million L

Total Water Recycled


Total Workforce

sustainability Recreating the Future of Dreams

Embracing the intersection of style and sustainability, Tandhan Cotton Mills operates under the principle that denim is more than a fashion statement—it is a reflection of our collective commitment to the environment and our shared future. As a globally recognized supplier of denim fabrics for the denim industry, we champion sustainability, fostering the same dedication within our partners. Every strand of our cotton is grown with conscientious effort, focusing on water conservation and maintaining soil health. We deploy advanced production techniques that significantly curb carbon emissions, placing us at the vanguard of the industry's sustainable revolution.

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